Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Scooters

With the rising prices of fuel and increases in the concern of global warming and the environment, electric scooters and motorbikes are becoming in demand…

But what are the disadvantages of owning and running an electric scooter or motorbike?


Compared to normal scooters or motorcycles, the up front purchasing price of these types of vehicles tend to be more, but this is changing quickly as costs are falling.

Electric vehicles tend to have a shorter range before needing to be recharged, but again, this is changing due to improvements in battery power.

Recharging your vehicle takes longer that filling your tank up with petrol, but this can be done over night on a trickle charge.

The top speed of electric scooters and motorcycles tend to be lower than their petrol counterparts.

To recharge an electric vehicle you need to be near a power outlet… you will need a very long lead if you live on the top floor of an apartment building!

On very cold days, battery power can reduce by up to 20 per cent!

The near to silent operation of an electric scooter or motorbike can dangerous for both yourself and pedestrians.


The fuel prices of running an electric scooter or motorbike is a fraction of running a petrol driven machine.

Extremely quiet performance

Very environmentally friendly, no emissions at source.

Very covenant to recharge, it can be done at home!

Lower maintenance, which equals lower maintenance costs!

If you wish… electric scooters and motorcycles can be ridden indoors!

Electric scooters and motorcycles are cheaper to buy and are more affordable than electric cars.

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